Requirements / Rental Process


  1. Bad credit is OK – foreclosures, bankruptcy doesn’t matter.
  2. Property manager is going run background check and looking for EVICTIONS, rent collections, as well as criminal history – specifically felonies for violent crimes and drugs
  3. Income – property manager needs to see sufficient income – either by pay stubs, bank statements (they only need to see the first page only of last 3 months), and if self-employed, will need to provide name and nature of the business. Letter of employment or letter of transfer if starting new job or transferring from another city.
  4. EVERYONE 18 years and older MUST fill out their OWN separate application – the fee for which is $45 PER PERSON
  5. Applications are done electronically, can be done from any computer, tablet, or smartphone.


  1. Property manager requires FIRST MONTH, LAST MONTH, and a ONE MONTH SECURITY.
  2. If applicant(s) have eviction history, EXTRA SECURITY DEPOSIT(S) MAY BE REQUIRED
  3. Pet Policy: Pets UNDER 30lbs: $300 one-time non-refundable fee PER PET. Pets over 30lbs fee will be determined by property manager based on size and breed
  4. Home is available for anyone to apply UNTIL SOMEONE RESERVES THE PROPERTY. This is the most important step along with getting an approved application.
  5. An approved application does NOT reserve the property
  6. To reserve the property, a reserve/hold fee form must be filled out (provided by the showing company) and the fee paid
  7. Hold FEE is 75% of one month’s rent. (outside Florida this deposit is a full month’s rent)
  8. Hold FEE is NON-refundable unless applicants are DENIED.
  9. If applicants are approved, the hold FEE will APPLY to the required First, Last and Security (meaning this is NOT an EXTRA DEPOSIT)


  1. Tenant places Hold fee (fee and hold form)
  2. Tenant submits application (within 24 hours of reserving the property, please see section 2-e)
  3. Approval (tenant will be notified of approval as soon as we are told)
  4. Lease sent (usually within 24-48 hours of approval)
  5. Lease SIGNED by all parties (Lease is sent and signed electronically as well)
  6. Balance due (referred to as “Move in Balance”)  is collected (First + Last + Sec + Pet fee then MINUS the hold deposit), Usually within 24-48 hours of lease signing.
  7. Balance due may include a prorated amount if move in day is not on the 1st of the month.
    1. Move-ins between the 2nd and 10th will receive a credit off the move in balance for unused portion of the month.
    2. Move-ins after the 10th the balance due is a full first month, last and security, with the prorated amount of the partial month due on the first of the next month (example: Move in Feb 18th, full 3 months due at move in and payment for the February days will be due March 1st.)
  8. This balance must be collected for applicants to take possession of the property
  9. Access to property will be given immediately upon payment in full, but tenants are not allowed to LIVE at the property until the lease start date. Access is only for getting utilities turned on, and checking and making sure everything is in working order in case any repairs are needed.


  1. Leases provided are AS-IS. Tenant is responsible for minor maintenance and all utilities (lawn care, air filter changes, etc.)
  2. Due to the property manager overlooking credit and sometimes eviction history, rent payments are due ON OR BEFORE the 1st of the month. There is a zero tolerance for this. The advertised rent rate is your rent rate, however this is a discount off of the regular rate, the discount offered in exchange for on-time payments. The regular rate will be charged for the current month if your payment is late.  If your paychecks/income timing will affect your ability to pay on or before the 1st please notify us upfront.
  3. Sometimes, not always, Property Manager/Owner provides a home warranty, usually through America Home Shield, which covers most major items. Roof, plumbing, electrical, water heater, A/C and KITCHEN appliances are covered. If warranty is in place, after the first 30 days of renting, any new repairs needed will be covered but are subject to a $75 service charge from the warranty company. Tenant MUST notify property manager of any pre- existing conditions within the first 30 days after the lease start date.
  4. The Florida Property Exchange (showing/tenant placement company) is unaware of any preexisting conditions aside what can be readily observed.
  5. APPLIANCES: Property Manager will provide KITCHEN appliances only (no washer and dryer that is tenant responsibility.) If NO appliances or not ALL appliances are currently installed in the property, the appliances supplied by the property manager will NOT be delivered to a vacant property. The appliances will be released for delivery ONLY AFTER tenant has signed the lease and paid the full move in balance. If the day you pay is the same day as your move in day, there might be a day or two delay for the appliance delivery.
  6. Due to the property manager overlooking credit and sometimes eviction history, ALL communication with property manager MUST BE IN WRITING. Phone number for property manager is ONLY for messages. We, as a courtesy, will gladly pass messages to the property manager until tenant is set up in the tenant portal. (see section g)
  7. Tenant will, a few days after the lease start date, be sent a welcome email with instructions on how to access the tenant portal on the property manager’s website. Internet access will be required. Tenant portal is used for communication with the property manager, to set up online rent payments, and to make maintenance requests. The property manager, and their maintenance department will send all responses via email.
  8. Owner is an investment company. Their main line of business is litigation and settlement of PREVIOUS OWNER’s debt. There might be open and pending litigation (in mediation or open court cases, or pre- foreclosure) involving the debt against the previous owner pertaining to this home. The current owner does not have any debt against the property, and does not expect any open litigation to ever effect your tenancy.

NOTE: We DO NOT post the rentals we service on THIS SITE. The homes on this site are FOR SALE. We post on Zillow Network (Trulia, Hotpads etc) and on Craigslist with the words “bad credit ok” in the description or title.


Requirements / Rental Process
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REPEAT: We DO NOT post the rentals we service on THIS SITE. The homes on this site are FOR SALE. We post on Zillow Network (Trulia, Hotpads etc) and on Craigslist with the words “bad credit ok” in the description or title.

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