Maintenance Message

Please read the below information CAREFULLY before submitting this form! Thank you!

Hello! If you have rented a property recently, we, as a COURTESY SERVICE, will gladly pass along a clear concise message of issues you might be having at your property.

As disclosed on our rental process outline, we at The Florida Property Exchange ONLY provide TENANT PLACEMENT for the property manager. We ARE NOT the property manager, and we are NOT the OWNER.

However, we know that sometimes the property manager’s maintenance department can get backed logged, also the same can happen with some of the vendors that service the home warranty, and we GLADLY will pass a message to the property manager to try and expedite your situation.

Communicating exactly the situation is imperative to helping get your problem resolved quickly. Here are some of the common “mis”communications that very easily cause delays in getting your issue fixed. Be assured there is no wrong or right here, we understand all of these, and these are just common things that cause delays.

  1. You sent email directly to the property manager for a maintenance request, instead of  submitting the request through the tenant portal or instead of to the maintenance dept. This is an easy way to get your request lost.
  2. You called the 800 number on the property managers website. This is a common occurrence. As disclosed in the form you signed when you reserved the property, as well as on our rental process outline, all communication must be done in writing. The 800 number is for leaving messages only, primarily for people who express an interest in renting. Maintenance requests to this number will not be answered.
  3. You made a maintenance request properly, the property manager creates a request with the warranty company, and you as the tenant ignore all the calls/texts/email attempts by the warranty vendor (meaning plumber, A/C tech, etc.) This will cause delays in getting your issues resolved. YOU are responsible for SCHEDULING the appointment with the warrant vendor. The property manager does not know your personal schedule nor would they need to, so setting up the appointments must be done by YOU.

Keep in mind as well, if your issue is something that falls outside of the property managers responsibility as per your LEASE, and it was not agreed upon as a conditional item when you agreed to rent the property, there are no guarantees that your request will be granted, although in our experience the property manager goes above and beyond to do their best to remedy the situation.

Simple to follow DO’s and DON’TS:

  • DON’T send us opinions – we know it’s hard but please try 🙂
  • DON’T send us complaints
  • DON’T send us threats (please, we are trying to help you)
  • DO tell us what issue you are having
  • DO state the FACTS
  • DO state the issue as CLEAR as possible
  • DO use PUNCTUATION in your message – see the “do” above
  • DO provide ALL IMPORTANT INFORMATION – (for example, an issue with the water company – you need to provide the name of who you spoke to and their phone number as well as extension)

If you understand all of the above, please proceed to fill out the form on this page, and we will do our best to get the message to the property manager as quickly as possible. The fact that we ONLY provide a tenant placement service means that there are many parts of the process that are out of our control. However, all of us care about YOU the tenant, and will absolutely do our best to help you out!

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