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Your Partner on the Ground

Investing overseas on your own in the U.S. market is not recommended! We are here to oversee your ENTIRE transaction from acquisition, to closing/settlement, to renovation, to property management and beyond. We are a staff of licensed and insured professionals and we have earned lasting relationships with our clients from around the World. Our reputation is our most valuable asset and we offer our services to Domestic and International clients who wish to entrust us with their hard earned capital and allow us to grow it for them hassle free



We canvas the Orlando market for the best, most profitable, and strongest asset classes to invest in and our acquisition model has served private and institutional clients successfully for years. Our sole intention is to provide the turn-key solution for investment property in our market area of Central Florida and provide value-added services for our clients worldwide

Keys to Home Ownership

Turnkey Solutions

In today’s complex real estate market, there is an inevitable time-value of money and much value can be added to any transaction when all aspects of location, negotiation, and contracts are handled for you; alleviating the hassle and risk associated with investing without proper and experienced representation.