Real Estate Investment Company seeking experienced Real Estate Phone Closers 
for JV 50% - 50% Revenue Share Split.

We compile thousands of High Equity Properties with highly motivated sellers each week. The sellers want to sell, and are already pre-framed to accept a discounted sale price. These properties are NOT of record and so have no competition.

We are seeking experienced Real Estate Investors, Wholesalers, Bird dogs, Real Estate Agents,  or anyone that has worked in a real estate office or wholesaler's office talking to motivated sellers, that can negotiate and CLOSE the deal, getting property under contract over the phone. 

We currently have 3 openings, and at no cost, we will provide the leads in an all-in-one dialer system with ability to TEXT and EMAIL motivated sellers all from one interface. We will provide as many motivated seller leads as you can call and close and you keep 50% of whatever you land. No gimmick, no bulls#*&.

Why are we offering these leads at no cost? We are a Real Estate Investment company that cracked the code on this data niche and now compiles 100k properties nationwide, per month - where 95% have high equity and 90% want to sell fast. We just can't handle it all.  So we are leveraging out with 50%-50% JV PARTNERS  to help us call and close down deals.  We are starting it in every major metro area.

Our platform is cloud based so you can dial and work from anywhere.
Experienced real estate phone closers only please. 
No resume Required.

To apply now, just send me a text message that says "SEND APPLICATION" to 407-426-4770 and I will send it right back to you!